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a claim made by someone you know who has a history of making outlandish claims, each one more outlandish than the last, which in most cases cannot be humanly, let alone physically, possible, yet are presented as the honest-to-god truth. bonus points if such claims are not witnessed by any other person and cannot be disproven and therefore are presented as irrefutable.

pronounced the same as "exaggeration."
dude #1: "wow, what a night. i think we drank too much. that tenth shot of patron was a bad idea."
dude #2: "that' last night i drank an aquarium full of beer."
dude #1: "whatever man."
dude #2: "i haven't had that much to drink since i drank 45 bottles of vodka...."
dude #1: (silence)
dude #2: " 2 minutes."
dude #1: "fool, stop with the choxaggeration!!!
by metaoober January 31, 2008
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