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someone's whose brains are like a bowl of chowder
Geez, what a chowder head!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
A very stupid person or someone devoid of common sense.
Tim is such a chowderhead he doesn't know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground
by eggplant July 25, 2003
an eastern massachussettes citizen. due to the amount of chowder the area provides and ingests. also a derogitory term used by yankee fans to describe a red sox fan. also just someone stupid like an airhead.
yankee fan- "what are these chowderheads doin in the bronx?"
by the bronx guy March 21, 2007
A chowder head is a snowboarder who enjoys powder and likes to talk like a bro. Similar to the word "Chadillac"!
damn punks that kids such a chowder head.

lets go out to coloradical and be chowder heads for a year! sounds sick braaaaaa
by Mix Masta August 09, 2009
Cokehead. In the Southern and Mid-Atlantic regions, "Chowder" has been a popular term for cocaine. It is used by many teens as well as young adults.
"Dude, John over there is such a chowderhead. He's dropped like 300 dollars this weekend just on that shit."
by Allahhh Rackbar November 05, 2009
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