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Term for a lot of powder waiting to be slain on the hill.

Synonymous with "pow pow," "gnar," and "freshies up to our nippies."
Person A: "Hey buds, did you hear how much snow we got last night?"

Person B: "Brohannesburg, this alpine environment clocked 17 inches of chow chow."

Person A: "Rad. The cow is fat, time to slaughter."
by TheBlackspot December 01, 2009
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Slang term used for white rubbery, milky, salty substance that is released quickly after male climax while making small children in womens' love tunnels. Usually flows like niagra falls if the gaping hole of a woman is some what tight during an unusually sloppy pee session!
I just flung my chow chow all over her fillet of clam. This is quickly followed by an erotic vaginal slap with a sloppy spill!
by WUUUuunation November 14, 2004
How Snuffy (character from Sesame Street) ends all phone conversations.
Hey Snuffy hows it going this is big bird..

I need some smack bird...

I don't have any Snuffy ill talk to ya later...

OK....Chow Chow
by paawwlwall September 23, 2010
Relating a person of African descent to the characteristics of a dog.
The gums of a black person are similar in color (purple/black) to a breed of dog known as the chow (chow chow). Makes sense eh?
by Alexander Drew November 03, 2005
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