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Making the words. "each" and "other" 1 word only. It's faster that way.
Mother says to her daughter Jessica, "Instead of going in separate cars, let's go with chothers."
by Susan Jane August 05, 2006
2 1
two people joined by a belief or activity; a person who is one half of a couple joined by a belief or activity. 2) true love; soul-mate.
"Mom and Dad lovey chother"; "You are my chother, and I want to marry you."
by lhay September 25, 2006
15 4
Going ass to mouth to mouth to ass. I.e., reverse 69.
When both members of the couple became infected with e.coli, their doctor inquired, "Do you chother?"
by J-dawg and Sis April 23, 2010
3 16