just another fag at carolina
dude, iont wanna go to chapel hill, with choss and all those other fags
by jd September 08, 2004
Top Definition
1.) Crumbly, low quality rock. 2.)Low quality or useless. A rock climbing term.
There was a choss pile at the foot of the cliff.

This cheap scotch is total choss.
by notcam February 19, 2004
Another word for penis, a word popular amongst the dogging community of west yorkshire
Might head up to castle hill tonight check out the local dogging scene, watch a few people in action, and if im feeling dangerous i might even swing my choss in someones passenger window and end my night with a bang
by chosswarrior January 11, 2014
Something that is EXCELLENT, CLASS, Brilliant
I have the new FIFA 2011 game...it's Choss
by sideshow blob October 04, 2010
a rectal gas emission with a foul odor.
Don't eat too many beans or you'll be chossing all night!
by Lerone June 12, 2006
indescribable substance, usually repulsive
"I went to pick it up and there was some kind of choss all over it, it was fucking sticky and my hand smelt like shit afterwards."
by karl f. October 12, 2005
Originally used to describe the 1983 Dodge Charger Operating System (ChOS), which never existed, an S was added to make "Choss".

The new meaning of the word is any unknown substance, usually liquid, sticky, or odd smelling, that appears on one's clothing mysteriously.

Similar to "Pulture"
"What the... this coat's got choss all over it!!"
by Johnny Devious March 15, 2006
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