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A method of felling a tree, where as opposed to cutting in a "birds mouth" then cutting across from the other side, in the traditional way, you cut straight through, then keep the tree verticle, and drop it on the ground, then cut out a new bit about 1.5 meters of the ground, then drop the tree again, until you are left with no tree left, but several 1.5 meter long logs
"thats a fine chop and drop technique you have there"
by LPUK January 21, 2004
Another name for a mullet hair cut. The front hair is chopped and the back hair is allowed to drop.
Me: Wow, what happened to Harold's hair?

You: Mary Jo hooked him up with a chop and drop.
by Lord Harry October 09, 2011
In football, a practice technique that makes you able to get on your feet fast, where you 'chop' your feet, or move them up and down fastly. Then you drop, and hit your chest on the ground, and pop back up on your feet, still chopping. This process is repeated several times. After 20, it gets tiring.
Aight team, chop and drop, 30, now!
by TheJew72 October 09, 2004
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