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a chiunde cootie. a chootie is something that used to lie pathologically but is now a "changed man." chooties are "funny", smart, good looking, witty, and a bit sarcastic. a chootie is something that one would like to experience again and again. WARNING: a chootie may result in a mark (usually on the neck and chest) that is not all together desirable. Take precautions accordingly.
hey, chootie!

wow, you definitely got bitten by the chootie bug...
by ruuuuuude05550 April 16, 2011
a chiunde cootie. something not all people have the privilege of receiving. something very cute and cool and fun and witty. something that you would like to experience a few times or more. may result in a mark that is not altogether desirable, but that is very special anyway.
hey, chootie!
by kim402392767 April 15, 2011
A blunt.
Jer: I just pearled this Chootie let's cheef!
by Gilly26 October 16, 2008
A replacement for the word "cutie"; A person can be classified as a "chootie" by looks, personality, actions, words, etc.
Omg, John is such a chootie.

That shirt makes him look like such a chootie.
by brinimartinixx November 10, 2010
Female sex organ. Pussy.
I shaved my chootie for you today.
by JB October 05, 2003

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