When something is great you would say 'chool'
Your hair is looking really chool at the moment
by dixiedoo April 12, 2011
Top Definition
1. A cross between cool and chill.
You know Tracey Huey? Yeah! She's so chool!
by ucsdgimp July 25, 2008
A friend whom is relaxing a.k.a a chillin fool.
What are you chools doing tonight?
by jofo13 January 24, 2010
A child that is a fool
The teacher has a chool in their classroom.
by UrbanWordPerson January 27, 2010
A chick that is a girl version of a man tool but isn't a 'slut' or easy.

A girl with a guys morals.

A chick that 'plays hard to get'
A chick that thinks like a man.

A girl that is cool with hooking up and not having a relationship or strings attached.

Uses a dude for various reasons, not just sexual.

"That chick is such a chool, she hangs out with multiple dudes with no relationship intentions."
by LilFlasket May 01, 2013
Cool, but in reference to all things Chemistry.
"Physics was phun but chem is still pretty chool"
by chool dude July 10, 2008
This word is the natural predecessor of 'Chillax'. First coined in Brighton in the late 1990's, 'Chool' is an amalgam of 'Chill out' and 'Cool it'. Where as 'Chillax' is often used to positivley describe ones own activity, or intended activity, 'Chool' has a tone of pejorative instruction.
You're being a bit weird mate, why dont you chool?

If Hannah dosen't chool a bit, her head will explode.
by Benjaminbrass October 12, 2007
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