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Aussie slang for "chicken." Also, "chookie."
by SJ Alexander September 27, 2003
An Aussie slang word for chicken that's commonly used as a 'nice insult,' especially when somebody has done or said something really obviously retarded that's only worth laughing about. Similar to that of a 'dag.'
Morgan: I got hit by a bus yesterday
Ted: oh yeah, what happened?
Morgan: I was standing in the middle of a road
Ted: ha, ya bloody chook
#dag #dork #moron #dick #knob
by Leeeeeeena October 07, 2006
A word used in Upper Michigan, which refers to a knit cap sometimes referred to as a watch cap. It can also refer to any knit caps worn in cool weather. It is a Yooper dialect word which has no correct or standard spelling. Could be spelled chuk. It is from the French Canadian word, toque, which means the same thing. The Quebecois pronunciation is much like chook. The Anglo Canadians pronounce it toke, or took.
It's chilly out, so you better wear your chook.
#cap #knit cap #watch cap #chuk #toque
by Oneyooper January 08, 2011
Australian for Chicken
The New South Wales government couldn't organise a chook raffle.
#strine #australian #animals #oz #aussie
by embezzledpretzel October 15, 2008
verb(chooking, chooked)
1- to wound or puncture using a sharp object.

2 - to stab.

Pidgin English word with Nigerian origin.
I will chook you. He chooked me.
#stab #pierce #puncture #perforate #penetrate
by ShadowMonkk November 14, 2009
A Canadian streetwear company that makes skateboarding apparel that includes shirts, hats, sweaters etc. Their logo is a diamond shaped boxing ring and their mascot is a skateboarding chef named Chook.
#streetwear #skateboarding. fashion #streetart #hiphop #chef
by Robert Hechler June 22, 2015
A handsome, loving, cuddle extraordinaire who always makes you laugh when you're feeling down. A person who's smart, generous and adorably dorky. Someone who always knows what you're thinking and is always your partner in crime. They're happy to travel with you to the ends of the earth, or just to the end of the couch. They're the 'Mario' to your 'Luigi', the 'cup' to your 'cake' and the love of your life.
That Richie is so awesome, he's totally a Chooks!
#awesome #amazing #sweet #sexy #adorkable
by Netterbahn February 01, 2011
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