Top Definition
1. n. A person who does something to annoy another.
2. n. Someone who does something stupid or foolish in the game Counter-Strike.
3. n. See choober
Oi, you choober!
by Topaz Angel September 21, 2003
Someone who partakes in the publishing of choobs on social media sites as defined by
by Phillpal June 14, 2011
1. A Nade spammer/TK'er/Cunt muffin in the game Counter-Strike
DAVKAL is a such a choober.. he completely naded me man!
by Litma2 December 21, 2004
Similar to a Dubber. A lovable Buffoon who mangles words.
He called Nitro Nero, man that guy is a real Choober.
10,000 Signs with the wrong artwork? Choober fucked me again!
by philzebub October 22, 2014
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