Chongo in River Plate region is used as follow:

Uruguay_ 1) Male prostitute that acts usually as the active part or top, they are generally young under educated males with good bodies and well hunged
2) A male person who is poorly educated, with bad manners, a cheezy taste in clothes and hairdos(usually the most important is showing off a Nike pair of shoes). They listen to cumbia, specially cumbia villera and latin comercial booms as reggaeton. In this way you may also say chonga for females but in this case is most used as cheap whore or slut. Some synonyms are terraja and guiso (guisa for female).

Argentina- Mostly in Buenos Aires is used to name masculine acting homosexuals and rarely to refer to male prostitutes
Uruguay: How much did you pay for that chongo yesterday?
Look, what a hot piece of chongo over there!
Come on! You can´t be looking at that girl! She´s such a chonga!
I´m sorry but your new boyfriend is such a chongo! Teach him to speak and dress properly if you want to introduce him to your parents.
by Roberto R July 17, 2006
Top Definition
A chongo is a male version of a chonga, one that typically moves from chonga to chonga quickly, applying the "rip and dip" technique, setting all feelings aside in search for the next horny chonga. They typically "rock" the ghetto uniform, a white tee, a large pair of jeans, and Nike Air Force One's, though they make the expection by wearing ridiculously oversized polos when out at the mall, in order to look good for other chongas.
"Chris did janelle and yasellis in the same day, what a chongo"
by Chris Menendez November 22, 2005
The western Canadian slang term to describe the equivalent to a Chav.

They are defined by being "bros" who are decked out in Ed Hardy, board shorts, and wrap around sunglasses, usually with a Smirnoff Ice or jagerbomb in hand.

They're interest are getting some, giving some hell, and Hockey.
Guy Fieri, Don Cherry, and 'Alpha' males are all chongos.
by Chillwhale June 11, 2011
A male version of a chonga; who usually rocks very tall tees, reeboks, dickie shorts, baggy pants, and leather caps.
Chongos travel in packs or can be seen alone or on da blocks of your local miami area. they like to drive Impalas and old police cruisers.
that nigga with the tight leather cap and faded tall tee is madd Chongo!
by HoHo23 April 07, 2009
A western Canadian slang term that is used interchangeably with guido.
The cast of Jersey Shore are Chongos. Chongos can often be found in significant quanity in most nightclubs.
by 11-57-5W6 May 03, 2013
A Filipino word that means MONKEY.

It is an insulting word in the Philippines to call someone "chongo" as it implies primitive minded like that of a monkey
You are so clumsy like a chongo
by jakexavier May 28, 2014
Chongo is used as a nickname for masculine acting homosexuals. It can also refer to a male person who is poorly educated, with bad manners, and cheesy taste in clothes and hairdos. Also, they love listening to Chumbawamba.
The douchebag named "The Situation" on the Jersey Shore is a complete and utter chongo.
by CoonRAD May 05, 2011
Chongo is an insult made by Nothern and Central American Latinos (Mexicans, Hondurans, etc) aimed at Carribean Island Latinos, more specifically, Puerto Ricans. It comes from the Mexican (I say Mexican because it is unique to only certain dialects of Spanish. My Puerto Rican wife never heard of the word before we had some mexican friends over the house and they mentioned it in a joke)word for "monkey". They refer to Puerto Ricans as "Island Monkeys" hence Chongo.
That chongo at all the tostones.
by PapaRune May 21, 2008

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