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a rolled up bun that ghetto girls put on their head when they have to go out in public and do not feel like styling their long hair. It resembles a horse shit on top of someones head.
look at Mona..walking down the street in her nasty swapmeet sweats and her scanless wife beater..with a nappy ass chongo on her head.
by vegasguy May 05, 2007
A chubby asian piggy who makes me laugh really hard!!!
That bitch is funny!!!!
the funniest thing from margaret cho mouth was in reference to the Terry Schiavo incident...how while she was in the hospital and the rebpublicans and democrats and her family were fighting over pulling the plug.....the democrats were trying to sneak her a happy meal.!!!
by vegasguy May 06, 2007
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