W00t, this aint defined?
Well that is what i am here to do.

Chonging means big, can also be related to when a spliff is smoked fast.
Thats fucking CHONGIN mate.

Stop chonging that weed so fast.
by Chris Piner April 09, 2005
Top Definition
a term used to describe the practice of rolling up all the windows in a car or enclosed area and smoking some reefer
Roll up the windows boys, I'm lightin this blunt and we gonna be chonging it the whole way through!
#hotboxing #stoner suffocation #420 haze #not cheechin #smoke screen
by wolfeezy February 19, 2008
a word to describe the size of an object where no word will do!
"thats a chonging hole on the beach" said tim.
"chonging great cheese wallace!"
#chonging #cheese #ethan #chong #bong
by ethan hill August 07, 2008
The act of playing simcity 4 with the aim of building a Chong.inc office complex.
"Phil: What are you up to?"
"Mike: I am chonging."
#simcity #building #office #games #germans
by RevMB April 22, 2008
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