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The funniest line in the movie "Blood In Blood Out",

Popeye: You white bitch, GIVE ME SOME CHON CHON!
by tr4pkill4 January 26, 2008
A mexican slang term for sex or for having sex
"Gimmie some chon chon!"
by milkduds May 09, 2005
When you're a latino man that's been in prison for so long that you're starting to get hungry for some caucasoid bunghole.
You fucking white bitch, gimme some chonchon!
by Blood In Blood Out January 02, 2010
A boy who is lonely and doesnt have any friends only imaginary friends. Yet think they do.
Omg i would hate to be chon chon cuz hes a loner .
by Kittybone21 May 21, 2016
Armenian slang term for little boys penis, however can also be used to describe an adult penis. Sometimes used to substitute words that may be uncomfortable to say.
What a nice chonchon.

I need a chonchon, it's been a while.
by Natasha1120 July 07, 2011
meaning sex or to have sex
I took my gf to the car to chon chon.
by zero April 27, 2004
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