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When you nearly vomit, but manage to "chew it back." Similar to a vurp, but without the burp part. It comes up, but you force it back down.
Clark: *Face turns a bit green, swallows, then gasps for air*
Bruce: "Dude, did you just chomit?"
Clark: *Nods weakly*

Peter: "Ahhh man!"
Logan: "What's wrong"
Peter: "I totally chomited."
Logan: "Ahhhh, nasty!"
by Livingston7 July 24, 2007
a stew like meal that has the consistency somewhere in between chowder and vomit
Sara: honey i made you my special soup cause i knew you were sick.
Mike: what is this stuff it looks like a bowl of chomit!
by mike sinz January 09, 2008