Not a gangster, but a mexican gangster. I don't get where all these white boys think that a cholo is a gangster. Its a mexican gangster.
Mira los cholos caminando en la calle.
by Los-bckck April 12, 2008
A cholo is a mexican gangster, or something involved with looking or dressing like a gangster.
That fool looks like a cholo with his shaved head.
by Lumpy Loks May 23, 2005
"Cholo es vocablo de las islas Barlovento; quiere decir perro, no de los castizos, sino de los muy bellacos gozcones; y los españoles usan dél por infamia y vituperio"

(Extracted from the book "Los comentarios reales del Inca Garcilazo de la Vega" a mestizo writer from Peru, published in 1609 and 1616)

The word CHOLO ia a mixed breed DOG, one of a very bad look. The Spaniards used that word also to call Indigenous people and those mixed with them. You see, the Hispanics were Racist from long time ago, that is why I hate when someone calls me Hispanic.

In Mexico and Southwestern USA (former Mexico) that word is used to describe a Latino man (mostly of Mexican and Central American origin) who is involved on street-gang activities or a street fashioned life-style.

In Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Colombia the word CHOLO is both an insult and a compliment, but mostly a way to describe a person of Indigenous heritage.

In most of those Andean countries people are Indigenous or mixed with them, especially Quechua, Moche, Aymara, Guarani and other Amazon peoples. Anyone who "looks" or "acts" as an Indigenous person is called a CHOLO by RACIST people who believe they are white/European as supposed to be superior.

Racism in those countries is vicious and virulent, worse than in the US. The elites there have Indigenous people as their servants and they keep them under poverty on purpose. It is very common to insult an Indian just because of their race and make fun of them on public or in TV. It's a very disgusting way of racism that most Andean people would take as a normal expression of their culture, because they aspire to become like their invaders, the Spaniards.
"Ese cholo de mierda es tan indio, no lo dejes entrar a mi casa" ("that fucking cholo, don't let him in")

"Ese tipo se le ve tan cholo" ( "that dude looks very cholo")

"No te vistas asi, pareces un cholo" ("don't wear that, you look like a cholo")
by Latino Alien December 01, 2005
Like many words that originated in Latin America - tomate, chocolate, etc. - the word cholo originated from the nahuatl language and was eventually hispanisized. The original word was Xoloitzcuintli, where the X is pronounced somewhere between the English SH and CH. The Spanish had no letter for this sound and used the X as a placeholder. Xoloitzcuintli is the native breed of Mexican hairless dog and was valued by the Mexica (Aztec) and Mayan natives. The Spaniards used the shortened version of this word, Xolo, to mean "Mexican dog" with derogatory implications. The word developed other derogatory conotations when used by Anglos or Mexicans, as noted in previous definitions.
Me gusto tu perro. Es cholo, no?
by Xolo de Merida November 08, 2005
Mexicans who think they live in the ghettos,think they are cool,and think they are gangster material. It's normal for people to find them annoying.
The cholos at school create trouble for the staff and students.
by TheD22 December 08, 2010
A cholo is a mexican or chicano gangster...wears baggy clothes...a white t-shirt...khaki pants...and has a bandana on him...(blue,red) also wears dark glasses"loks"...sometimes bald-headed...or with their hair slick back..
Wacha a ese cholo...pinche vato loco
by LaShyGirlX13 March 07, 2006
Cholo can also be used as a generic term suggesting people with "low-life" street values. Commonly, Cholos are also violent thugs and may belong to street gangs. Their clothes are often "uniforms" with territorial peculiarities that have meanings that can be read by the cognicenti.
Mother to son: I'm worried that you are going to end up dead or in prison by hanging out with those cholo losers.
by James Jorquez February 04, 2005

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