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The meaning brings in to question a persons incompetency or stupidity.

It is also a vine vegetable that can climb and can grow over any surface.
The cunt is so dumb he couldn't grow a choko vine over a shithouse.
by GS71 April 07, 2015
slang for marijuana, especially if used by someone who appears jamaican.
Hey, let me take a hit on that choko dude.
by yorda 13 November 01, 2010
A person of either Chinese or Korean descent.
"Johnny's a choko right?"
"No, he's Japanese."

"Get over here right now you damn choko!"
"I'm Pilipino asshole!"
by David the Sunflower February 25, 2014
State of suffering from insufficient cannabis.
"I've not had a smoke for a week, I'm absolutely choko."

"I can tap you a bit for two if you're choko."
by Stevno September 24, 2008
angry lebanese person
jesus jason is a stupid choko
by soloman October 30, 2003

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