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masturbate wank To stroke the penis violently between the first two fingers and the thumb. Usually done in an aggravated, overly enthusiastic manner and in inappropriate places such as your friend's house, a botanical garden or the gym bathroom.
Guy1: "where's guy 3?"
Guy2: "nah, he's choffing in the toilets"
by Stephanusanus March 03, 2015
classic hall of fame. said after done something funny
you - "Today, I was at my grandmother's house when I noticed a small object that felt rubbery and sticky. It was only after I carefully inspected it that I realised I was playing with my grandmother's hearing aid. The part that goes inside the ear"

me- " CHOF!"
by IloveChofing April 12, 2010
chof can be any part of speech. it is taken from the book "Froggy Goes to Dinner." Chof is a pretty choffing awesome word. You can substitute it for any word. Its just that cool.
I am going to chof you up you bztn n00b.


Why yall wana pway hawo?
by your bznt mom October 24, 2005
Acronym for, "Creepy Hall of Fame".
One who, usually through dating rituals, performs such odd and vile behavior, they can be inducted into a whole new world of creepiness.
Nadine date went in for a good night kiss and ended up licking her chin...he deserves to be in the CHOF!!!
by Mareesee February 19, 2009

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