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Acronym for, "Creepy Hall of Fame".
One who, usually through dating rituals, performs such odd and vile behavior, they can be inducted into a whole new world of creepiness.
Nadine date went in for a good night kiss and ended up licking her chin...he deserves to be in the CHOF!!!
by Mareesee February 19, 2009
3 3
chof can be any part of speech. it is taken from the book "Froggy Goes to Dinner." Chof is a pretty choffing awesome word. You can substitute it for any word. Its just that cool.
I am going to chof you up you bztn n00b.


Why yall wana pway hawo?
by your bznt mom October 24, 2005
5 5
classic hall of fame. said after done something funny
you - "Today, I was at my grandmother's house when I noticed a small object that felt rubbery and sticky. It was only after I carefully inspected it that I realised I was playing with my grandmother's hearing aid. The part that goes inside the ear"

me- " CHOF!"
by IloveChofing April 12, 2010
1 2