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4 definitions by Masson

To go do something, to think, to desire
"Im finin to go get a drink of water"
" Im finin to have sex with Ms. Leeman"
by Masson December 03, 2004
when you are soo fuckin stoned you dont feel like talking alot so u combine words fuckin stoned = Foned
" Holy shit dude im soo foned" ( then normaly followed by extreme laughing or smoking another bowel)
by Masson December 03, 2004
to get very stoned, high
I was smoking a fat blunt yesterday and i got soo choffed i thought i was flying

This party sucks who wants to get choffed
by Masson December 03, 2004
Term used to describe the crouch of a redhead chick. The curtains match the carpet
"Omg look at that fire crouch, I would get lost for days in that busch"
by Masson December 03, 2004