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a dick wider than it is longer
that guy had such a big choed his pants ripped off.
by Raool May 09, 2006
A penis that is bigger round (diameter, than it is long.
A girl in my health class has a huge choed.
by call_me_alice April 29, 2005
When someone picks food off your plate without asking.
He was so pissed, because he was sitting at the table enjoying his lunch, then the guy next to him just Choe'd a piece of his food!
by TDN September 16, 2005
In the financial sense, you can be choe'd by being pelted by requests for spare change, even though offending party has a knot of twentys stashed in his side pocket.

Any person who requests money even though you know they have money.

Liu Kang: Hey man, can you spare 40 cents?
normal human: Say what? I know you have money...
Liu Kang: Come on I dont want to break a dollar...can I hit that?
normal human: I dont even know what youre talking about anymore...I am being choe'd!
by vanasseldonk September 23, 2005
Can be used in the reverse, when said offending party will bring in own food (rare) and then proceed to eat a majority of it. Then shoves spoon with backwashed remnants, with a half-hearted, "YOU WANT SOME?"
Shang Tsung: MMM, this rice dish is delish...(eating most of meal) YOU WANT SOME?

Normal human: My god, no....I have been reverse choe'd.
by vanasseldonk September 23, 2005
The piece of pubical skin between your scrotum and your brown eye.
She kicked me square in the choad.
by Trey Martinez December 10, 2003
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