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The adding of chocolate topping to ice cream
Chocolate sundays are yummy
by Paul 1234325452132 November 05, 2011
When a man poops in a woman's vagina, then proceeds to have intercourse with her. Then, the man ejaculates into the vagina and uses a straw to suck out the contents.
Gee, Karen serves a mean chocolate sunday!
by CHASE BYNUM November 28, 2009
You poop on a girls chest, which acts as the icecream (chocolate of course), then bust a nut all over your poop, which is the whipped cream. add sprinkles if needed. Also, you can put a used tampon on top as the cherry.
Dude i was fuckin' this dirty Carvel chick and took her out back and gave her a chocolate sunday
by Kaka G. June 05, 2009
It is when the female inserts her erect nipple into the males anus then either or licks the nipple. This is done only on Sunday so it's known as a "Chocolate Sundae"
by Anoninonini May 08, 2011
when a woman/man squats over their partner and takes a dump (poops) in their mouth.
oh give me a chocolate sunday baby!
by ilikecheescake March 08, 2008

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