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explosive diarrhea
Bob had chocolate thunder all night.
by lsfkn September 11, 2011
26 10
Nickname for basketball legend Darrel Dawkins. Famous for breaking back-boards and naming his dunks. It is also important to note that the name "Chocolate Thunder" was self given.
Chocolate Thunder, was generally over-rated while he played for the Sixers.
by TS August 11, 2004
218 100
What you hear when an obese black woman approaches.

The sound created when the enormous, flabby thighs on a black fat chick clap togeher.

"Damn, Shalequa must be coming this way, you can hear the chocolate thunder."
by poontang June 30, 2006
210 122
a name used to describe a sexy dark skinned male or female.
When I think of Reggie Bush, the first word that comes to mind is damn that's some fine Chocolate Thunder!
by shy ni May 13, 2009
108 48
When a black girl poops
My Latisha was laying down some chocolate thunder, that shit was stanky!
by Laquesha shit nigger March 18, 2011
16 17
while having anal sex the women farts and shits on your dick
John 1:dude i got chocolate thunder last night

John 2:what dude thats NASTY!!!
John 1: i know you should tell your mom to use the bathroom before i hit that.
by Hewhoknowsblunkin August 31, 2011
12 14
Taking a shit in bad weather
Brogan took a chocolate thunder last night. Was wild
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
10 16