The act of getting a blow job with a chocolate condom on and then proceeding to hot and sweaty anal sex.
"Mathew chocolate thundered the shit out of that bitch last night."
by Chocolate Man 26 January 04, 2009
A Rural White Male that feels a connection to the Black Community That's not really there.

(Most have never even talk to a black person the fear won't let him)
Chocolate Thunder (A.K.A) Caulson is walking down the street with a bebop see's a black male walking towards him and he starts to walk like a nervous white bitch.
by 220B March 27, 2009
Taking a shit in bad weather
Brogan took a chocolate thunder last night. Was wild
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
A dominant power forward in EA's NHL series. This playa is a dark-skinned blonde-dread brotha that goes to the net HARD and finishes like no otha.
Chocolate Thunder drives to the net, receives the pass and scores!!!! Chocolate Thunder is a man playing among boys.
by Dish Master MB January 30, 2009
usually its spoken by a black or Mexican if he tells you to taste his chocolate thunder that basically means its on and let the games begin.
random Mexican guy- taste my chocolate thunder! gonna get the girl though
by rainbowsuger June 14, 2011
It is weed and milk cooked up with some chocolate sauce added for a sweeter flavor and it is 4 times stronger than smoking and lasts around 6 hours.
Me and my daughter cooked up some Chocolate Thunder, And it flipped our wigs it was so strong.
by Xombygod lord of the dead December 21, 2008
A sexual act in which one partner fists another parter's rectum, pulls out his clenched hand, and punches the fisted's parters face.
I got "Chocolate Thundered" by Tod.
by Jaquan Cheng September 11, 2006
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