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Full up, no more room
that box is chockers

see also chock-a-block
by Colin m September 16, 2005
Chocker (chŏk'ə) A chav with aspirations to be a rocker. They generally dress chav but frequent rock clubs looking half chav and half rock or goth. Often the male chockers will mock full rockers/goths e.g. "Eh ah you look like dat Marilyn Mansun innit". The female chockers refuse to cop off with full rockers/goths as they still have some internal chav prejudices.
Tracy is a bit of a chocker at the weekend. She goes to this club called Jillys rockworld.
by enigmacrypt April 12, 2009
A word used to describe the state of ones mind.
This traffic jam is stressing me out . I've just about had enough . I'm chocker with it.
by feewee January 28, 2009
chatham word for shoes
kushti pair a' chockers you got there mush!
by dinlo October 17, 2007