Prison slang
In the movie blood in, blood out. Popeye corner's the lead character Miklo, and says "Alright you white bitch!, give me some cho cho!!"
by pyschotic man August 06, 2011
The male's penis. Opposite to vagina (cha cha).
"Let me suck ya cho cho!"
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
A dude who is a pussy
I think it is pretty self-explanatory
by dave hernandez October 23, 2003
a sexy irrasitable beast, with a huge monster penis,and a master swindler
jordan your such a cho cho.
by patrick hagar October 15, 2003
A state of being and or When a idotic outburst of minor qualities starts a large amount
of drama. Also see asshat
"Dude, if you do that it'll start some straight up crap. Don't be a Cho Cho."
by Slapnut March 10, 2003
prison slang for anal sex.
In the movie: "Blood in,Blood out" there is a scene where prison inmate "Popeye" corners the lead character in a jail cell with a shank and says: "GIMME SOME CHO CHO YOU WHITE BITCH!"
by dirty drawers August 26, 2009
A young male with Diabetes.
Oh, he can't have sugar. He's a Cho Cho.
by guy_saraduce_greezed_canadian_hams September 19, 2003

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