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To chew food noisily.
Sheesh, did you hear Cecil chobble his dinner?

Blimey, did you hear the way Eddie chobbled his apple?
by Marteeeny October 06, 2009
9 1
to bite hard on something with one's teeth
If you chobble boiled sweets, you may break your teeth
by w. t. hastings November 03, 2003
31 8
1. To chomp repeatedly on a chewable object or morsel of food
2. To masticate veraciously
Chloe chobbled on her apple.
by Fred and Chloe April 01, 2004
31 11
To bite at. Black-country (English Midlands) slang to eat. Also, any machine that removes metal by shearing.
I'm getting hungry, I fancy a chobble.
by SL_MN June 14, 2010
6 1
to calm down or to chill
yo fu**ing chobble bro
by corey granese cbg June 23, 2010
3 7
Or in fact Chobbling. The art form that is fellatio, or more commonly suckin cock. Practised very well by the girls from yorkshire......
Wow that babe gave me a right chobblin last night, or would love to chobble that......
by Ian Glover December 12, 2006
7 17
1. To chill, calm down.

2. To stop eating.

*Originated in Mount Olive, New Jersey!
Example 1:
Jose- What the fuck you asshole!
Julio- Chobble dude, your chick wants my dick.

Example 2:
(Mike pigs out)
Joe- Mike, chobble dude your eating all my fucking food!
by SexMyster123123 February 19, 2008
2 15