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idiot,wanker as in Knobber chobber
waht a chobber
You knobber chobber
by tommy toe poker October 22, 2003
An object or a person on the large side.
Did you see the size of that lass? She were proper chobber.

I had a chobber plate of chips last night.

Wooaah, chobber!

#big #massive #fat #huge #large
by Pocket Beatnik January 21, 2008
A Gay Nazi! A homosexual Nazi, or National Socialist, who believes that the group is greater then the individual. They are also refered to a as Extreme Right Wing Fags! Hated most by other Nazis, who hate homosexuals themselves. They never come out of the closet, with two of their policies, they pretend that they are not gay and there is no link between capitalism and it's extreme backwards
form Fascism.
Marin Berminstock is a chobber and a racist.
by Bob Stride October 01, 2004
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