a weaponized pastry.
Choas don't kill people, apes with choas kill people.
by Be-Rad April 07, 2008
Top Definition
wrong way to spell chaos
i cannot speel write
by dertle December 10, 2003
The awesomest way to spell chaos. Display how cool you are by spelling chaos in this manner.
Me: Let's go rain some choas all over Wal*Mart.

Syznak: Make sure ya get some dex!
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004
the colloquial combining of the insults "choad" and "ass"
Matt is such a choas.
by Winston Peril April 05, 2005
1. A hoe.

2. An expression of negativity toward someone, usually implying weakness. Used sarcastically as well.
1. Lemme get dat choa. How much she be?

2. -Aye dawg, you bein' a choa.
-Naw. Bring yo' choa ass on.
by ALMUTHAFCKINX69 January 29, 2006
A student that regularly negates everything his/her teacher is teaching. Can sometimes be very annoying to the teacher and satisfying to his/her fellow students.
Hey, Reymart! Don't be such a choa man! Give our teacher a break!
by Bionamer September 02, 2009
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