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A short word often used to convey the point of the common qoute: "I fucked your mom hardcore then threw her under your bed."

Billy: Hey guys!
Person 1: die...
Person 2: i chizzled your mom last night
Person 3: i got it on tape
Billy: (crys while running away like a sissy)
by Chizzle And The Chizzler November 22, 2007
24 46
Slang for a hair from your private area. Used by people from Kentucky.
My sandwich has a chizzle on it!
by Larry Mitchell January 26, 2009
105 26
the act of hanging out...a.k.a "chillin, chilling"
*phone rings*
person 1: hello?
person 2: i'm bored, wanna chizzle?
by Tay October 08, 2003
70 61
Large stick from a tree that occupants of "the ghetto" use to strike each other with.
Ahm 'bout to bust this chizzle ova' yo' head biotch!
by Boxxcarr September 10, 2003
27 28
the action of stealing an object or point in sports or life from a teammate or friend.
Friend 1: Dude you knew I was tryin to wheel on that broad, you totally chizzled her from me.

Friend 2: You're effin right bro she was hot as hell.
by Rob a g June 06, 2010
10 15
a drug substance similar to cocaine
We refused the chizzle that 6 scary manchester blokes offered us.
by emily a weiss October 25, 2003
18 29
To chat, converse and/or start on someone. Occasionally used by street rats.
Eh mate, youns havin' a chizzle?
by Sarah Harvey March 25, 2007
34 47
the past tense of chya

agreement with something
Cait: Yeo Snoop Dogg stold our idea, we made up a song named "Drop It Like Its Hot" in August!
Lizzie: CHIZZLE!! the ELKS
by Caitlin & Lizzie April 27, 2005
13 30