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serious moment in a period in time, or a situation that is in desperate need of fixing
Don't joke around man! This is some serious chizz!
by Jasboy94 January 27, 2010
47 69
Jizz on someone's chin. Sometimes, after someone gets skeeted on, they forget to wipe it all of, and a smidge remains on their chin. Chin + jizz = chizz
Hey, did you just get skeeted on? Because you got a little chizz left on your face.
by deweyd8855 September 21, 2010
15 40
The mixture you get when you combine jizz and macaroni and cheese. It's considered a delicacy in Akron, Ohio.
I bottled that jizz from last night and made macaroni and chizz for breakfast.
by Taylor//Kelsey January 17, 2010
17 44
substitution for God, fuck, shit, hell or any bad word

most commonly used in school

when you dont wanna get caught for using a bad word in front of you parents or teachers

can be used with different endings
oh my god! -- oh my chizz!
fuck my ass--- chizz my ass
oh shit! nice! --- oh chizz! nice!
what the hell? --- what the chizz?
i already peed --- i already chizzed
is he shitting? --- is he chizzing?
by Jvi March 07, 2010
35 69
Another name for iChat, or video chat, with one or more peers on the computer. Often used by bros, or laxers, that originally came up with the term.

It can also be used as the word ichizz, chizzle, or chizzat depending on how you are feeling at the time.
"Hey Miles, you trying to ichat later?" Yeah man im down to chizz later man
by JDlaxer123 August 12, 2009
16 51
Used as a replacement for cool or sweet, chiefly in the Otherland series of books.
We're going to hack the system
by T4b April 04, 2006
28 75
Short for charlie.
I did a three quarters of chizz and I was fuckin flyin.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
6 53