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saving someone from a castle guarded by a dragon
chivalry is like if you were trapped at the top of a castle that was guarded by a dragon and a guy came and saved you. that's what chivalry is
by anonymous7945 October 02, 2011
Chivalry is when a guy does something nice for a woman that is not usually expected in modern times. The consists of a guy just doing the gentlemanly thing.
John opened the car door for Kayla; chivalry is always done by John.

When John offered to hang her coat, Kayla took off her jacket and handed it to him.
by ambergurswag September 13, 2013
Being courteous and polite without fucking whining or asking for anything in return.
Chivalry is to be shown without it being asked for.
by Und3dkill@ July 22, 2014
Being a gentleman. This act of kindness if also dead.
He showed some chivalry while opening the door for his girlfriend.
by TDWPdrummer1 February 19, 2012