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1. To shape or cut with a chisel.

2. Earnest and conscientious activity intended to make someone like you

3. Early phase of a romantic relationship
Lou: "Aren't you two going out yet?"
Luke: "Nah, I'm still just chiseling..."
by mo-a February 08, 2005
A new term has been recently created called "wheeling" in which a guy/girl is trying to get with another guy/girl. If you are a match maker you are basically trying to create a relationship, or "wheel", between two people out of nothing (i.e stone). To make a wheel out of stone one needs a chisel. Thus the term "chiseling" is a new term for "match making".
Michelle: Yo Britt as if Donna and Marcus are dating now!
Britt: Yeah man i chiseled em' hard!


Britt: I think that Donna and Marcus would be a cute couple
Michelle: why dont you try chiseling them?
by bsherrr April 22, 2012
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