to chisel: The act of trying to pick up a girl until she sleeps with you and or gives you her number. Used in much the same way as wheeling or gaming. Describes the act of chipping away at her defences with your chat, much like a sculptor chisels away on his statue till he gets to the indended product. Michealangelo believed that the david was already incarnate in a piece of rock, much like many men believe a chick will sleep with them beneath all her deffences, and hence, must chisel away.
A:What's Tony doing over ther?

B:Leave him alone he's chiseling those borad over there...
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
Top Definition
Used to describe the action of throwing an object in a comedic yet casual way whilst still applying a heavy amount of force.
A catapult motion is often used by more experienced chiselers.
Alan chiseled the badger from the upstairs window when he saw it was bothering his wife.

Oi, Steve! Chisel me a sausage!
by Sneaky Weasel January 28, 2010
Richard was known to deal the finest chisel in South London
by DrugMonkey February 25, 2005
to cheat someone
'Why should I give her another five bucks?' (...) 'You're trying to chisel me.'
From: The Cather in the Rye
by Applied Linguist July 05, 2012
A long, slender erect penis. Opposite of chode. Gay slang.
Check out the chisel on that guy- it could go ten inches up my ass with no pain whatsoever!
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
An idiot, cockney slang.
You fucking chisel!
by Harney January 12, 2004
As in tool. Complete arsehole who thinks they run the show.
That guy is a total chisel
by shizzle March 04, 2004
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