act of expressing a brief moment of elation
guy 1:did you see the ass on that chick?

guy 2: chirp
guy 1: chirp (at this moment a drifter can be used to emphasize the chirp)
by ctuk April 22, 2010
What you say after someone tries to be funny, but fails.

You can chirp yourself if you know what you just said wasn't funny, or got no reaction.
Sean: So i walked into a bar, and the bartender asked what i wanted.
Brett: Chirp...
by KTisntahooker December 13, 2010
Chirp is when someone says or does somthing awkward and you don't have anything nice/at all to say. It is related to the sound of crickets when an awkward silence happens.
Tom: "Alex got herpes from Derrick this weekend."

Mark: "Chirp."
by conoclast February 07, 2009
A term used by the "Cool Kidz" AKA faggots when someone talks shit about someone else.
John: Yo sup dood? ya hear Dillon got chirped by Zoe last night?

Tony: Shut the fuck up only gayfags say the word "Chirp"
by davidpoopy February 10, 2012
a verb meaning to chirp or to turn on the car alarm on your vehicle by pressing your remote, when you panic when seeing a brown person or a black person in the parking lot for any reason whatsoever.
" and my chi-com H1B1 Visa immigrants saw a native american or a mexican or a negro, and we collectively chirped our cars in the parking lot, because we are panic stricken and frightened settlers here to make our claims to the continent. The chirping solidifies our identity as being truly superior and here to conquer and be morally righteous. it was a beautiful thing..."
by nativepatrol September 10, 2011
Not at all
Not me him/her
Your mad gay!
by shippee June 11, 2009
A gangsta term, similar to "beef".
When someone is insulting you/fighting with you/ beefing you, this is called chirping.
"You gonna chirp him after school?"
"Yea bo-iii"
"He was all up in ma grill chirping me"
by Trufs February 17, 2009

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