what the niggas be using to comunicate...really loudly
Black nigga 1: *Chirp* ay wussup happenin ma nigga? *chirp*
Black nigga 2: *chirp* jus out here grindin my nigga. *chirp*
White nigga: can you negroes have your conversation quietly and civilizied. Geez.
by Jesse Forristal May 10, 2007
A turntablist's scratch.
So called because when executed well can sound like a chirping bird.
WOW, listen to them chirps. This DJ is awsome.
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
to boast; to brag; to put others down and talk oneself up in an arrogant way.
He chirped all day long but couldn't deliver the goods.
by Cameron March 05, 2005
To call somebody on tha fone, usually when u want somethin like ass or to chill
"Yo im bout to chirp my slideoff son ill holla at u"
by §pÝdA .:[«GFM»]:. November 01, 2004
Another name for Boost mobile = Cell Phone with walkie talkie and is mostly pre-paid
The name they call the walkie talkie
I just got a new chirp, its the i205. Oh foreal I still got the i60
Imma chirp my nigga samar!
by Laydee Druex January 24, 2004
OXFORD DICTIONARY - To 'chat up' some young ladies
URBAN DICTIONARY - Fair chirps up some fit ass yatties.
by Jimbo Jet Set October 23, 2003
Chirps are insults. Generally used whenever you feel like it really...
=Proper use=
Andrew: Wow, see that anthony kid? He uses his own hair grease to spike up his hair...
taylor: Chirps!

=Improper use=

Alastair: I didn't make the hockey team...
Justin: Chiirrrrrrrps!
by Klimmit November 26, 2011

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