To listen to a new song or band.
"Man i was on myspace the other day and found this new band. You should chirp them.
by Thomas kimbler September 06, 2008
to puke, vomit, throw-up
After a long night of drinking ... "Oh man, I gotta chirp" -or- "I just chirped all over the bathroom"
by Hot Trash September 07, 2004
(New Zealand) to vomit
Carla chirped on Jackie
by Jazzman November 15, 2003
to express agreement or complience.
Person 1: you trying to crack a few brews tonight?

Person 2: chirp
by mymansandthem June 05, 2006
Simply put, it means cell phone
"I am in the office now, but will be leaving soon so hit me on my chirp."
by Larry J. October 20, 2006
A substitution for a word like dumbass, idiot, or sped. Basically a chirp is wat you would call a stupid or ignorant person
Girl 1: Is Georgia bigger than Texas?
Girl 2: You are such a fuckin chirp!
by sososnoop September 24, 2005
to have sex with, to bang, usually a one night stand type thing
hey eric, i chirped her last night
by Chloedawn December 21, 2005

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