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Using the push-to-talk (2-way radio) function of Nextel phones. Commonly used slang in Brooklyn....where every1 has a Nextel.
Chirp me tonight. I chirped Alex 10 minutes ago.
by Mr.Freeze December 25, 2003
46 73
The process of talking large amounts of shit, towards stupid individuals.

While playing online games one may 'Chirp' towards all of the noob players.

Before, During, or After a fight, the individuals fighting will often 'Chirp' each other.

Bob: Eh look at all these kids chirping us, let's fight!
by [BA]RedBeard February 27, 2008
229 86
1.To insult someone
2. To have an insult battle
3. To burn somone
"Griffin is Chirping Alex"
by Tech_Mage March 22, 2013
16 7
1. the act of excessively talking unnecessarily
2. the act of spewing shit from one's mouth
Bob: "Yo you're such a fucking fag!"
Joe: "Stop chirping..."
by theblackout09 June 03, 2011
37 28
Squealing the tires during a gear change. Mentions of this are extremely common in car and car-mod forums.

Past tense: chirped.

Chirping gears requires high-revving whilst doing the gear changes and can be done on all decent stock models (with manual transmissions) through first and second. Chirping third is reserved for sports cars, and chirping fourth is a rare occurrence. Note: this reduces the life of your clutch, but is a lot of fun.
I was chirping third at the track today!

Dude, I totally chirped fourth in my insert souped-up car today!!!
by Ben Linkewich March 28, 2008
49 49
chirping is a word you use when you have experienced using a pill that has you wilder than ever.
My dawg just called me them pills got him chirping.
by Mr.leecounty March 06, 2010
37 57
Taking a break from using Social Networks.
Attention friends... I'lll be chirping for awhile...so ttyl...sometime ..
by mikeyoungart October 24, 2010
14 39