is bay area slang for a Tmobile sidekick. A chirper is usually acompanied with a metro(def 5) because of metros unlimited calling plans.
I gots my metro and my chirper I gotta stay connected to my homies on the street.
by F dizzle January 01, 2006
Top Definition
n. A person who is one of those stuck-up, abercrombie-wearing, snobby acting, big-mouth, preppy people cliques and thinks that they are all that just because their parents buy them brand named clothes and itouches. They think that they rule the WORLD but deep down inside, they know they're just empty.
That girl Stacy talks way too much like she's all that. She's such a chirper!
by Sakura_Yamashita November 09, 2009
An Englishman living in Canada. Derived from 'English sparrow'.
Damn chirper should move to the States where they're impressed by his bullshit.
by standupdouble July 13, 2011
Refers to a Nextel phone that has the "Direct Connect" function, allowing one to "chirp" their friend with another Nextel phone and talk for free, akin to using a very long range walkie talkie. It is the prefereable cost-conscious method of communication in the San Francisco Bay Area.
"Hey man, I'm headed out, I'll chirp you when I get there."

"Good thing I had my chirper on me or we'da been fucked."

"Fiddy tre, fiddy tre,
We do it in the Yay
Fiddy tre, fiddy tre,
Thizzin on a pill
Fiddy tre, fiddy tre,
Chirper on my hip,
Fiddy tre, fiddy tre,
Birdland Swangin'"
by tobobo September 24, 2007
during sex when a girl has repetative high picked moans during orgasm that sound like a bird chirping, they happen very fast like a machine gun.
wow man last night i was with a chirper, it was so weird, i just said stop that.
by jimmirew March 05, 2008
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