someone of the female variety who is an easy lay
"she'll screw anybody after a few bronsons"
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
Mix between cheery and hiper.
Im so chipper,I had a sobe adrenalin rush today and that hot kid asked me out.
God damn cheerleaders are always so chipper.
by Rokr4eva October 21, 2005
n. Person who sports a short-long (mullet) even though the 80's are long-gone. Also someone who hangs out in front of Becker's and acts dumb.
Hey, look at all those chippers in front of Becker's.
by Bollypoop January 08, 2004
The best baseball player of them all.
Chipper just hit another homer!
by The Jimmynator September 17, 2003
originating from the word chipmunk (i.e. a small and cute creature.)

a chipper is someone who is extremely cute.
Girl: N'aww he's such a chipper!
by heather12345 October 10, 2011
Another word for cocaine. Not sure of the history of the meaning, possibly to do with the amount of dust a wood "chipper" creates.

Most commonly heard in the streets of Jersey City, NJ.

Sometimes abbreviated to "chip"
"Alright lad, fancy some chipper tonight?"

"Oi geez, give your boy a ring; i fancy smashing some chip tonight at that drum n bass rave"
by B-Hound April 29, 2009
a lowrider that hops as high as a small bag of chips
chippers are human too!!!
by N/A A October 14, 2008

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