a gun, pistol or firearm
i had to hit him with my chipper,i got my chipper on my hip, fuck a stripper im in love with my chipper- The Relativez
by Bernardo Mannie Barba October 20, 2007
Typical Cockney (East London) slang for generally feeling happy and upbeat
"even though i lost a leg in Vietman i remain suprisingly chipper about the whole thing"

"I've had no coffee this morning, i feel far from chipper"
by Xyphious May 28, 2008
Feeling Exuberently Happy, but for a darker reason than pure happy-go-luckiness. . . or maybe your just British. . .
Murph: I'm feelin' real chipper today! I just stole a cookie and didn't get caught!
Laurie: Oh! A free cookie and no consequence! That'd make me Chipper Too!
Longfellow: I'm Chipper Too!
Murph and Laurie: Why?
Longfellow: I'm British! What do you expect?
by 13speakers November 27, 2009
someone who smokes a couple cigarettes a week who believe they are not addicted to nicotine
Tina: Obama's a chipper.
Sarah: You mean he uses a little heroin?!
Tina: Nah, he smokes cigarettes occasionally. Which proves he's not Jesus.
by Slumdog January 22, 2009
Somebody who is able to use heroin occasionally, for pleasure, without becoming dependent on it.
Arlo's just a chipper, but those guys he hangs out with are junkies.
by The Finer Definer June 02, 2003
oral sex involving an excessive use of teeth.

one who preforms such an act is known as a chipper
"look at the teeth on that one, i bet she's a chipper"
by Bottled Rage May 09, 2005
1. body-mind state of alertness, high-energy and cheerfulness, like a small bird 2. feeling happy or chirpy
Bitch got some skag attitude, showing up chipper in them pikeyfied clothes.

At 6AM Saturday roll call, the two camp monitors showed up holding hands, looking fresh-showered and nauseatingly chipper to the eyes of the extreme bakeover crowd.
by denstat May 18, 2005

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