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When a girl deep throats a mans penis all the way and gets his testicles stuck in her cheeks
She deep throated me and got chipmunk cheeks
by Trevor January 18, 2004
60 49
Male camel toe. When the seam of the trousers rides up and digs into the scrotum, seperating the testicles so that one is on each side of the offending seam. Thus creating a visual display that is reminiscent of a chipmunk with its cheeks stuffed with food, but not in the slightest bit cute. When it happens suddenly, it is accompanied by an instant look of discomfort and the need to slope off and rearrange ones giblets.
"Guys, wait here, I'm just going round the corner to sort out these chipmunk cheeks"

"Can you SEE that bloke on the barstool?? Look at the chipmunk cheeks! How can he not feel that??"
by MagickDio March 03, 2010
18 14
Nickname for John McCain, Republican senator from Arizona and 2008 presidential candidate.
Old Chipmunk Cheeks just came out with a new Obama-bashing commercial that only makes him appear to be even more lame than he already is.
by phxphun1 July 31, 2008
20 24