a slang and sort of racist way to say chinese people
"dawg, those chinks have small eyes"
"fizzle doh!"
by abc November 16, 2004
Chink is considered a racist term by Asian people. Chink is called to someone who is chinese or chinese look-alike(from other asian countries). Generaly you hear this word on roads or highways from angry drivers who just missed on getting an accident.
Justin: I hate those damn chinks..they're everywhere.
Cyle: Justin, your a racist..Not cool man..NOT cool!
by Rustan August 30, 2007
chink is an offensive word towards the chinese. It is considered a racist term by Asian people. Chink is called to someone who is chinese. It's also a slang word
person 1: Hey chink go make me an ipod

person 2: F***k you stupid slut
by BC Girl March 24, 2008
A term of endearment towards a person of any race, creed, nationality or sexual orientation. Historically used with negative connotations towards the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom as a result of the follies of a corrupt, insular and self-righteous Qing Dynasty (thus a Qink/Chink referred to a person who was both ignorant yet arrogant). Yet, as the 20th c. unfolded, the rise and resurrection of the people of the same general geographic area is one which is both unmistakable and undeniable. At the core of the word Chink/chink, is a timeless story woven into the very fabric of what it means to be a human: multifaceted, fascinating and fallible all in one.

There will always be one more Chink.


You gotta appreciate how doggedly resilient that person is.


It's f**king impossible to get rid of all the damn Chinks.


There is no gene for the human spirit.
by Sunny Prince August 08, 2016
a term when used around chinese people, will result in a broken spine, chopped off nuts and chop sticks so far up the ass they'd be shitting splinters for a good month
i once called a chinese guy a chink and now im a parapaligic janitor at my old high school
by jilin iz the best province April 05, 2009
A term that orginated during the Korean War and latter took on the flavour of a racist slur. Is a conjunction of Chinese North Korean.
We were dug in when the CHINKS attacked.

Do you want to get some chink food?
by CPT_G April 20, 2007
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