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a slang and sort of racist way to say chinese people
"dawg, those chinks have small eyes"
"fizzle doh!"
by abc November 16, 2004
A racist term used to describe the Chinese.
by Phil October 12, 2003
Chink is considered a racist term by Asian people. Chink is called to someone who is chinese or chinese look-alike(from other asian countries). Generaly you hear this word on roads or highways from angry drivers who just missed on getting an accident.
Justin: I hate those damn chinks..they're everywhere.
Cyle: Justin, your a racist..Not cool man..NOT cool!
by Rustan August 30, 2007
chink is an offensive word towards the chinese. It is considered a racist term by Asian people. Chink is called to someone who is chinese. It's also a slang word
person 1: Hey chink go make me an ipod

person 2: F***k you stupid slut
by BC Girl March 24, 2008
a term when used around chinese people, will result in a broken spine, chopped off nuts and chop sticks so far up the ass they'd be shitting splinters for a good month
i once called a chinese guy a chink and now im a parapaligic janitor at my old high school
by jilin iz the best province April 05, 2009
A term that orginated during the Korean War and latter took on the flavour of a racist slur. Is a conjunction of Chinese North Korean.
We were dug in when the CHINKS attacked.

Do you want to get some chink food?
by CPT_G April 20, 2007
A racist term describing any Asian person looks Chinese. Very offensive.
person 1: Look at that chink! He has such slanty eyes!
person 2: That is so racist!
by just don't ask me February 15, 2009