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A term for an Arab. Basically, many arabs have a lot of African descent, and they live in the sand. That sir, is the thesis.

Combine sand with nigger, and presto!
Joe: Those guys aren't arabs, they're just sandniggers.

Bill: Indeed, earth fool.
by themasterofearth March 29, 2011
Chink is a word for asian people. It's probably because when they hit the railroads when they were building them with pick axes, it made a chink sound. Maybe not, maybe it's from a war or something.

Some people are chinks, you have to face this. Most asians are not though. But trust me, they're out there.
Joe: Sum Yung Phag is a chink.

Bill: I know, what a fobby, unintegrated guy he is.
by themasterofearth March 29, 2011

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