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noun-a small piece of shit caught on one's pubic or ass hair.
Why don't you peel the dried chingies off of your crusty vagina?
by AssChingy March 11, 2004
10 13
1. When someone has flashy clothes, mad tight whip, and pretty much icy.

2. Iced out

3. Someone in the hood all of a sudden starts shining with brandnew ice

4. a big time drug dealer
Chad- Hey dre, look at Zoe.

Dre- yeah man, what has gottin into that nigga? He stay fresh all the time now.

Chad- Yeah man, he must be selling dope.

Dre- Yeah man, Zoe all chingy now with all that ice
by coco-licious September 06, 2009
0 4
Chingy is a word that Chingy the rapper used to call people with lots of money.

Chingy is also a fine ass rapper
ya dig!!!
Cant get enuff of his fine ass
oh yeah get his cd !!!
Look at him he's so chingy !
by Ebony January 27, 2004
18 22
The place opposite of the gooch
Ow! You hit the chingy! - Kyle Ronemous
by Ryan November 13, 2003
7 11
sum poor ass brotha who thinks he look good...but he smell of rotten pussy,jus watch
damn,ur so chingyness
by nys November 01, 2003
15 19
chingy is so the slickest rapper out and the good thing is he got sexy looks 2 go wit it and a sexy voice!!!!!!
by tja October 13, 2003
35 39
sexiest damn rapper
(god bless ya mama
hottier then hott
by ayonn. January 12, 2004
27 32