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Money. Comes from the sound of a cash register, especially when full of coins, when it opens. Often used at the end of a sentence with an exclamation mark.
Gotta find a new job that pays more ching ching!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
Used by people who can't afford to say "bling bling"
Man that newspaper costed some serious ching ching.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
1. At reciept of payment for goods or services.
2. When you win cash.
1. Ching Ching...That gram is $20.
2. Ching Ching...Won 5 grand on the pokies.
by Diego September 27, 2003
When you get you man hood stuck in a Chinese Dinosaur
That chingching hurt so bad
by etan March 05, 2003
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