A made-up stereotype repeated by people who most likely have not seen that many actual erect penises, that is rooted in deep insecurity, ignorance, and xenophobia.
Version 1:
White guy: See that asian guy? He's got a small, chinese dick.
White guy's buddy: Really? I wouldn't know. I don't have much experience with other men's penises.
White guy: (shuts up)

Version 2:
White guy: See that asian guy? He's got a small, chinese dick.
White guy's buddy: Really? How do you know? Did you suck on it last night?
White guy: (shuts up)
by Fearless November 28, 2006
Top Definition
Despite many, esspecialy ignorant people think, Chinese dicks are rather big than small.
It's a rumor made up by a white guy after I slept with his girlfriend, that Chinese people have small dicks.
Your Penis size depends on how tall you are, a person who 's

5"5' will mostly have a shorter penis than a person who's

6"2' for example, so it depends on how tall you are, and not your race.
So not all Chinese Dicks are small, as I said before, it depends on your length.
by Doctor Paul Lennon October 14, 2010
What white, black, and mexican girls want but are usually too afraid to ask for. A stereotype that is used by the media to put the asian community in check because the media is owned by white men, duh! Mainly used by white men because they are pissed off that there is hard asian cock in their cheating girlfriends at this moment. See asian definition #3.
Latina #1:Hey that asian guy is pretty cute.
Latina #2:Why don't go over there and holla at him?
Latina #1:Uh I don't know (thinking about the chinese dick stereotype).
Latina #2:Fine I'll go talk to him myself.(whispers) wuss.
by Ch1naMan510 June 18, 2006
A type of dick that some hot girls don't try. However, for the few hot girls that try it, it is an experience they will never forget. After they get some Chinese dick on the bed, they never go back to black or white dick again.
After Kristen sucked Kailzo's Chinese dick, she rejected all black and white men and lusted after ONLY Chinese dick.
by lilzor June 28, 2016
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