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someone who robs the nookie from an unconcious, lifeless, sleeping partner in the middle of the nite.
The booty burglar broke in again last nite!
by rjrumples February 01, 2008
a fat chick who wipes her ass from back to front and has shit in the crevis of her snatch,so her skinny man can have a hell of a feast later.
hey, ho monica you are such a cunt truffle, no wonder why bill never brought his lunch to work.
by rjrumples February 02, 2008
the space between two little flaps of skin on the ball sack that incubates smelly,dirty sweat and leftover cunt drippings for the next person to lick
that britney is about as clean as a nut wrinkle
by rjrumples February 01, 2008
when you bite into an egg roll and find a chinese pubic hair
mr.miagi is a chinese dick weed for putting his cock hair in my egg roll
by rjrumples February 02, 2008
A dirty skanky trailer trash ho, who sucks a cock that has genital warts with pus excreting from the dick hole.
jessica likes to be a dirty rotten cock sucker and make 25 cents every time she gives head
by rjrumples February 02, 2008
it is every living mother fucking thing on earth.it starts from a little cum bubble and forms into all of us fucked up sick,rotten,smelly,big cock, little cock, long pussies,loose pussies,crotch eating, cock sucking,sick headed rotten mother fuckers,snatch eating,ass licking,lice infested,puby chomping,butt munching,daddy fuckers,crusty underwear,slut fucking,dirty ass skank whore,tulip licking,nose fucking,twat sniffing,lazy fuck,dog dick fucker,aids infested,dirty black asshole diver,cunt lint,dingle berry,finger fucker,dike ass bitches and gay sons of bitches who all think that their dirty rotten asses don't stink.
hey,all of you,humans,aliens,insects,animals,or whatever you are, you are all nothing but spermicans if you are living.
by rjrumples February 02, 2008
skin that surrounds the edge of the crotch hole
hey joanne, did you wash your rim today?
by rjrumples February 03, 2008

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