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resting ones nut sack on anothers chin.
Gil had a bad case of the chin nuts.
by phil January 24, 2004
11 9
The act of a homosexual smacking his nuts on someone's chin as in insult, or telling others he is going to do that to them.
A homo in tight brown shorts would yell chin nuts to straight guys as he attempted to molest them.
by The Heat August 02, 2009
6 21
A crazy or silly Asian. Very insulting because of the double reference to Oral Sex and/or re-enforcing stereo-types regarding Asian names.
Mr. Wong is without doubt chin nuts.
by Delmar Klass December 17, 2003
8 48
A chin with a dimple right in the middle that makes both the bottom left and the bottom right halves look like nuts. Typically found with hair just below these "nuts".
Dude Kevin, I havent seen you in a year! Whats up with those chin nuts man?
by Loquat15 April 30, 2005
7 49
when you are a fat fuck who has a double chin that looks like two hairy testicles.

first used during the ice age when ag would say to thog "chin nuts" and then have random masturbations all over the castle of doom and love.
duuude you have chin nuts you fuckin fag.
by Killa Monkey Fritters April 16, 2005
15 60