when you make a very high pitched fart come out and 15-20 seconds later it smells like a rotten cheese poop soaked oven baked smoked and then soaked for some time longer then heated in the crock pot for a few hours then served to any in the visinty of 30-40 feet. (you may wanna make the funeral arrangements)
Me and my friends are watchin the football game and bill over chimes and we all go "bill what the hell is that" and he goes what i just chimed a little and 16 seconds later hes in the car taking us to the hospital
by chimer July 25, 2010
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To invite yourself into a conversation. to chime in, to come in with being invited etc. May be told to chime out, if you chimed in
josh: hi rick
rick; hey slong
josh: what u do on the weekend
*chris runs up and stands inbetween them both and says*
chris: i went on the boat
rick: chime out chris
by Bart September 30, 2003
The act of two males slapping their bare penis' together.

Plural. Chiming.
Tom "Hey Andy"
Andy "Alright Tom how's things going?"
Tom "All the better for seeing you, let's chime brother!"
by Funkey_monkey08 May 28, 2013
A person who will randomly add themselves to your conversation. Can also be used as a verb.
"God, Katie's such a chime"
"Chime out please, Nikki"
by BreathingCompass February 11, 2010
verb - To infuriate, or insult knowingly.

noun - a lead guitarist by nature; a selfish all-instrument playing ass clown who demands all other instruments be played to his liking. Typical behavior includes unnecessary 30 minute face melting solos during a Coldplay cover, asking the drummer, bass player, lead singer and rhythm guitarist to turn down, removing the drummer and actually playing the drums instead(of course, add 7-9 minute ACDC mediocre-at-best tom fill), and arguing for a 30% backing vocals volume reduction. Behavior outside of the music includes threesomes with 17 year old girls, and riding a taxi bicycle downtown.
"Don't Chimes me, ok dickwad? I know how to play the damn song.."

"Stop being a Chimes! We're in the fifth song of our cover set and the rest of us haven't even played our fucking instruments yet!"
by Jackson Raines January 28, 2008
Saturday night will be "chime"
The way he handled that was "chime"
by Blueorange February 03, 2015
Loyola College in Maryland's all-male acapella group. Extremely talented and reputable for their phenominal parties, the Chimes have been known to perform a broad variety of music. Most often, they choose songs popular among the college community. Chimes concerts (known as "Chordbusters") happen but once per semester, and almost ALWAYS sell out (at 700+ tickets) in less than two hours.
Loyola girl 1 : Hey, the Chimes are amazing!! And fucking sexy too!!

Loyola girl 2 : Yeah, I know, thats why I've been waiting in this ticket line for 2 hours!!

Loyola girl 3 : I hope I can go to the afterparty!!
by PCD April 11, 2006
Small breasts; Traditionally B-cup or lower.
"Mmm...ain't she somethin, dude? Look at her chimes."

"Yeah, she's got a nice ass, but she has chimes-are you sure she's even hit puberty?"
by IttyBittyTittyCommittee90 September 14, 2011

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