<verb> : (1) to reply or interject with retort (2) to speak out
<noun> : (1) a reply, retort or interjection (2) a good idea
dis dumb mudda fugga got a chime fa errrting
by kr1st0ph3r May 08, 2006
by CHRISSY85725 October 30, 2009
A verb form of "chimo" (a shortened word for child molester). To be creepy in anyway, not just towards small children. 1. To stop by somewhere in order to creepily check out people you are sexually interested in.
2. looking at people's facebook or myspace photos without their knowledge.
"Jeff, are you chiming in on that one girl on facebook?"

"Alright, Jason, I'm about to go chime in at the gym."
by B103Chimos March 10, 2009
the evil tool of the one nown as.....*looks around* carol meyer....aka THE DEVILLL!!!!!
she will whack u over the head with her windchimes RUNNN!!!
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
when you rock up to meet your friends, at like a club or woteva,
"ill chime in at 10"
by hugh June 24, 2004
when you make a very high pitched fart come out and 15-20 seconds later it smells like a rotten cheese poop soaked oven baked smoked and then soaked for some time longer then heated in the crock pot for a few hours then served to any in the visinty of 30-40 feet. (you may wanna make the funeral arrangements)
Me and my friends are watchin the football game and bill over chimes and we all go "bill what the hell is that" and he goes what i just chimed a little and 16 seconds later hes in the car taking us to the hospital
by chimer July 25, 2010
a graffiti writers term for a tag-name similar to another persons
"yo dawg, gambl is a chime of rambl, only 1 letter difference"

"yeah that gamble guy is chiming me"
by Rayzyn July 11, 2005

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